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Telunsi - Jones record of career of organization of 25 minutes of refresh

2014-05-26 parašė caiabh

Tomorrow in the contest of team of pelican of rocket group win by a narrow margin, rocket team forward Telunsi - Jones lose 25 career is highest minutes.

Before this, organization career of Jones is highest notching is 24 minutes, it is he was opposite on November 19, 2013 a Kaierte achieve in the contest of person group SB Swoosh Low Heels sale.

In the contest tomorrow, jones still has 8 bank 6 dedication that cover a cap, 6 lids cap also is chased after made the same score record of his organization career.

Do not calculate the contest tomorrow, qiongsiben sports season field all can dedicate 10.4 minutes 7.4 backboard and 1.4 lids cap High Heels 2013 on sale.

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Shidiwensi: If end reappears, will restrict bright come on the stage more time

2014-05-26 parašė caiabh

In the competition that beats fierce dragon in field of bright All Souls’Day, person full back pulls Kaierte brief - bright wear a ball to take more sit in reserve banquet, but did not come on the stage. After contest, green unlined upper garment army the bishop is experienced Bulade - Shidiwensi expresses, still do not decide at present bright much end whether regression, if reappear if, he can be restricted bright come on the stage more time Cheap High Heels 2014.

At present I still did not receive “ his end whether come back tell. If bright if much end can reappear really, so he will hit 18-20 only minute time. Wen Siru of ” history the base of a fruit this say.

“ but he has not said with anybody (end whether can reappear) , we do not know really. ”

Before this, bright sent more quite interesting push special, he wrote “29233380 second ” below, the time that conversion goes just is he bears the operation is opposite Saturday to Beijing time the detailed work of a competition of lake person group Stiletto High Heels cheap. Many reporter guesses, bright will reappear in this contest more.

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Bai Ke: I feel handkerchief gram does not have lose to be approbated enoughly

2014-05-26 parašė caiabh

Spur team defeated knight team in the contest tomorrow, spur team advocate handsome Greg - knight team spoke of be in after Boboweiji is surpassed original expression of a minute.

You won’t know “ forever will break out what, this is to rely on a nature playing a ball game. This can not be a machine. Strange say of dimension of ” wave wave.

Boboweiji is complimentary still Jeff - Aiersi’s expression, he states system of team of Aiersi study learns very quickly Air Max High Heels.

In the contest tomorrow, ai Ersi lose 10 minutes 4 backboard 2 secondary attack.

Exert of horse of spur team veteran - Jinuobili expresses after the contest tomorrow, reserve of return of the second half can mean him to be able to drop give a hair battle array, he states this is unaltered can be Greg - Boboweiji’s resolution.

Additional, knight team young general is special thunder - Bai Ke still spoke of spur team rear guard asking the priestess - handkerchief gram Cheap Dunk High Heels.

“ organization, the success that achieves in this alliance with respect to him, I think he does not have lose to be approbated enoughly. Say of ” Bai Ke.

Handkerchief gram will hit 34 minutes tomorrow, 16 cast 9 he medium dedicated 25 minutes 9 secondary attack.

On “ one minute he still is in dribble, receive go up one minute he is met lose 6 to 8 minutes. Say of ” Bai Ke.

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Nick - Yang Fanu: Teammate is done not have to help me unexpectedly when colliding

2014-05-26 parašė caiabh

Tomorrow lake person group not enemy in the contest of sun team, the Nick of lake person group - Yang Yi is spent broke out with sun player inimical, he collides finally also as a result of this by be ordered off the field for foul play. After the contest ends, nick - why does the teammate that Yang Zaicheng suffers him doubt when interviewing come out to help him without the station Jordan 11 High Heels.

Nick - the say after Yang Zaisai: Of “ the other side foul that very atrocious, I just made echo, beforehand anger is a bit great. ” and when the detailed state that collides in say, nick - Yang Biao is shown feeling to resemble is “ back wall, posse body is right 5 organizations ” , volunteer this a little bit for him without teammate about lake person, he a say: “ makes me at this o’clock very angry. Below in that way state, I want to escape quickly only Force Heels on sale. ”

By be ordered off the field for foul play before, nick - poplar hit 11 minutes, 8 cast 4 he medium dedicated 9 minutes 3 backboard.

Overcome about the Buddhist nun - poplar this opinion on public affairs, NBA enlists in army star Rob is special - Huo Li expresses to support, he is critically in the TV program leave Nick beforehand - poplar recent Lai favour - triumphant benefit and Kendall - the teammate that two people did not develop Mashaoer to safeguard his: The time that “ makes university league matches in me also has broken out similar issue, teammate is done not have do-nothing I volunteer. Whole thing least of all should is triumphant benefit, you go up in the edge, those people are germinant the teammate that pushs you, but you go without go back however, you are waited for look at silently in place. ” the opinion on public affairs about Huo Li, triumphant benefit also appears very not happy, he says himself is not the sort of person that Huo Li says.

And in lake person exterior, head hair accuse to defend Mashaoer to state he understands Nick - poplar idea, but team needs to hold to surely sober: “ team wanted 7 organizations to be able to play a ball game only nowadays, place still had better be to be able to hold to sober dot. I am not affirmatory (Nick - poplar) be being punished to fall is the cleverest act. ” team bishop drills Deandongni also conveyed the sense of similar Mashaoer. A full back of lake person makes an appointment with enlighten - Mikesi also spoke of this matter: Of “ judgment sentence punish right, nick has a place not quite sober, but can understand completely below in that way state. ”

On the other hand, the team member that veteran adds Suo Erze to show lake person should want to support Nick - poplar: Of “ misfortune is, overcome in the Buddhist nun - Yanghe bears down on 3 of his, 4 organizations both ends does not have our person, should have teammate safeguards him.

“ my him hope can rush out to safeguard Nick from bench, I feel allied to should allow this. The player should be OK from reserve banquet the station comes out, be in not the teammate that intrude into safeguards him below the premise of its others, pull them at the same time, do not make his be involved in inimical, I feel this meeting is a pretty good regulation. ”

This inimical fit still goes the time of 7 minutes of 33 seconds in the 2nd, nick - quick attack of Yang Shi graph buckles basket, but however by Lai favour one is laid. Subsequently, yang Li climbs from the ground namely, pushed Lai favour, immediately causes home remedy to collide. Sun forward Marcus - Morris pushed Nick - poplar, next Yang Yu with fight back, pushed Delajiji.

Nick - Yang Shui: “ I am not to want to turn a person intentionally, I just want to make them bit further from me. I am being pushed ceaselessly, and push more jump over in the future, I just think the player that lets the sun leaves me bit further. This is first time of my profession career encounters such situation, so we look can have what disciplinary action. ”

Hereon second inimical, alex - Lai favour expresses: “ I am to developing a ball to go, did not think of to be hit in however poplar on the face, this is atrocious really foul. I want close over he, but I became late one pace, consequence became foul. But I do not hit him intentionally, because I lay him in the ground, so I know he can climb to retaliate me. He is indispensible so do, I understand completely. ”

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Rocket guest field 11 get the better of 9 negative, came 2001 the first time

2014-05-26 parašė caiabh

Tomorrow field of rocket group objective defeats pelican team current, rocket team was obtained in the contest of field of before 20 guests in this sports season 11 get the better of 9 negative military successes, this is them since 2000-01 sports season the best military successes that obtains in contest of field of before 20 guests cheap Jordan 6 High Heels.

The time of 2000-01 sports season, obtained in the contest of field of before 20 guests after rocket group also is leaving contest 11 get the better of 9 negative military successes.

In the contest tomorrow, rocket team head send 5 people to notch entirely on double, this sports season, when rocket team players of 5 name head hair can come entirely much lose in contest of 10 minutes, they were obtained 8 get the better of 2 negative military successes.

Up to now, the military successes of rocket team turns into 26 get the better of 14 negative, rank western the 5th Jordan 6 Retro Heels sale.

In accepting the event that go up, rocket team will greet continuance 5 advocate.

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Huonasaike: Of the reserve carry on strove for time to be sent first

2014-05-26 parašė caiabh

End the 5 suns that connect a passenger in former days assume personal command advocate meet lake person group head-on. Final, the sun beats lake person with 121-114, in the member that serve first, gerald - Glyn takes next the whole audience highest 28 squares formed by crossed lines are extra 7 backboard, ge Lan - Delajiji hands over 18 minutes 10 board of 7 secondary attack allow 3 pairs, not Lai is consecratory 20 minutes of 8 backboardNike High Heel Cheap. And the Majifu that the reserve gives fight - Morris also dedicated 24 minutes 7 backboard 4 secondary attack. Lake person respect, jiasuoer hands over the achievement sheet of 24 minutes of 9 backboard, wei Sili - Johnson takes below 22 minutes, ma Shaoer faces old boss to dedicate 10 minutes two pairs of 13 secondary attack.

After contest, what Huonasaike represents a reserve is outstanding carry on rest enoughly to sent a player to be striven for first time. “ heart plays Ji Ji’s tired time, have Yi Simei Er fortunately [Smith] attendant on, huonasaike says ” Jordan High Heel Shoes. “ we also demand Ma Jifu [Morris] energy and low an ability. ”

We restricted “ well tonight the frequency that oneself err, the crucial figure of ” get victory Gerald - Glyn says. “ I also strive does not move as usual too much 3 minutes. ”

Crucial time volunteers not the evaluation that Lai succeeds about this field is: We are holding to “ to spell interest ceaselessly, this is the most important a bit. ”

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